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Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in the leading cause of premature death. Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) have the potential to help extend thousands of loving productive lives each year. However AEDs don't save lives…SCA Response programs do.
In 2002 the AED Instructor Foundation, Inc. (AEDIF) was established to assist and support CPR/AED instructors as the promoters, architects and care takers of onsite programs for response to sudden cardiac arrest. Achieving a membership of over 5000 initial emergency care instructors in over 45 countries and helping to implement t over 3000 SCA Response Programs, AEDIF was initially funded by a generous grant from ZOLL Medical Corporation that reached its conclusion in 2005.

ILSF had amassed a wealth of SCA Response/AED Program resources. Recognizing that many other health and safety professionals can also play a key role in developing and operating organized SCA Response efforts, in 2006 AEDIF reorganized. It became the Initial Life Support Federation (ILSF), broadened its membership, and continues the work of its predecessor organization.
ILSF's primary focus is on assisting houses of worship and other community gathering places and it provides a variety of unique and free support services needed by CPR/AED instructors, parish nurses or health ministry personnel, and health and safety professionals interested in helping these sites be prepared for this most severe of all medical emergencies. Among ILSF's most highly acclaimed resources, the ILSF also provides special purchase vouchers for discounted AEDs for these houses of worship and community gathering places.

The mission of the Initial Life Support Federation is to help prepare ordinary people to give all those who sustain a sudden cardiac arrest a second chance at life. ILSF special purchase vouchers for low cost AEDs and free SCA Response program resources are available only to Federation Affiliates. Membership in the Federation is free of charge and the only obligation of Affiliates is to help ensure that all functional and regulatory SCA Response program requirements are met by institutions or agencies acquiring an AED(s) with their assistance. You can become an Affiliate by clicking on the button on the left and completing a short registration form.

Emergency care training entities, individual certified CPR/AED instructors, parish nurses, as well as other EMS, health and safety professionals can join the Federation and utilize its many services and resources regardless of which national or internationally recognized emergency care curricula are taught and/or which approved AED device is utilized.

The AEDIF was originally funded by ZOLL Medical Corporation's unrestricted educational grant, but ILSF is now funded from a small part of the proceeds of the sale of low cost AEDs available to eligible entities.

The founder of ILSF is emergency nursing pioneer, veteran emergency care educator and former Director of EMS Services for the City of New York, Frank J. Poliafico, RN who provides his services pro-bono as the Federation's Executive Director. Whether Affiliates are paid for or volunteer their services, the Federation has no agenda or purpose other than the success and optimal effectiveness of the vast group of committed health and safety professionals dedicated to protecting "hearts and brains too good to die" from the tragedy of sudden cardiac arrest.

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